The Oviedo Wedding Barn logo: weathervane rooster draped company name and above location and established year
Oviedo Wedding Barn photo of owner's family during breaking ground

Meet Our Family

We are proud to have 4 generations of family currently living in Oviedo, FL. Though you may not see all of us while planning your event with us, know that when having your event with The Wedding Barn you are welcomed as part of our family.

Oviedo Wedding Barn Venue Manager Natalie Teuchert Bio Photo
Natalie, Venue Manager
Natalie was the family member with a vision and a dream. Having planned her wedding in the local area and finding there was no event space for her, she had a vision of bringing that social ground to the town she grew up in. With an engineering degree from Florida State University, she has an eye for detail and knows how to get things running. As the Venue Manager, Natalie leads the team and is passionate about your event. In her free time she can be found with her husband, Benjamin, and her two children, Henry and Theodore.
Oviedo Wedding Barn Sales Manager David Marini Bio Photo
David, Sales Manager
When you visit The Wedding Barn, there is a good chance the first face you will see is David’s! An alumni from Northeastern University, David cultivated a career in management of sales. When given the opportunity to work with his family, he jumped to join the team as the Sales Manager. As a liason between you and the venue, you can always expect a smile when talking to David. In his free time he can be found playing board games, volunteering at a local summer camp, and hanging out with his beagle, Banjo. If you see him walking his dog, feel free to stop him and say hello!